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Mondays = Chest Day

Zach and I have recently been working out together. I’m Starting to lift weights now, since I’m no longer cheering. I needed to find another hobby to stay active and healthy. Zach is being a patient trainer and is teaching me proper techniques. I hope you all will enjoy watching and reading about my fitness journey of getting healthy and staying happy with my spouse!

Dumbbells Bench Press

3x15 (40lbs for me and 200 lbs for Zach)

Cable Flys

3x14 (15lbs and 27.5lbs)

Tip: We do seven reps then switch the leg we are lunging with. This helps with balance.

Cable Straight Bar Tricep Extension (overhand grip)

3x14 (25lbs and 70lbs)

Easy Bar Tricep Extension (reverse grip)

3x15 (45lbs and 85lbs)

Decline Bench Press

3x15 (50lbs and 185lbs)

Cable French Press

3x15 (10lbs and 42.5lbs)

It has been so fun for us to do something we enjoy as we spend time together at the gym! This routine is great for any level, simply add weight if you are more advanced.

Work out with me and share your progress!



Outfit: Victoria Secret's Pink (Top & Bottom)

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