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Work With Me

Morgans n' More is a heartfelt exploration into the joyous, chaotic journey of motherhood, wellness, and family travel, inspired by my own experiences as a mom navigating life’s adventures with my family. It's a platform born from a desire to connect with other moms, share real-life tips and stories, and create a community that celebrates the ups and downs of parenting and personal growth.

Let's Collaborate!

With a growing social media presence and consistent blog traffic, Morgans N' More has successfully collaborated with various brands that resonate with my community's values. Below is a list of logos of brands I’ve had the pleasure of working with. If you believe in creating memorable, meaningful family experiences, let's collaborate to make a lasting impact. Download my media kit and contact me today to explore partnership opportunities. 

Please email with as much detail as possible about the project and your expectations, and I will respond to you!

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