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Plans Continuously Change

Plans are always continually changing and being implemented. As Phoebe says so well, some of us "don't even have a pla-."

There are things more important in life than running through life, or running a race. I decided not to run the Ogden 1/2 marathon this year, because I want to spend as much time as I could with my husband.

If I had run the race I would have been away from him for over 3 weeks in May. This was an easy decision for me to make. I know it can be hard for some to give up a goal/result in mind for family time. I have always been taught family is most important in our lives, and it is definitely my top priority. You always want to continue building and strengthening your relationship with your spouse.

One of the online courses I am taking this summer through USU is 'Managing Organizations & People'. I love the book for this class - it is teaching me a lot. While studying, it is always important for me to try and apply the concepts to my own life.

The book talks about how a plan can never foresee all the inevitabilities we are to face. No matter how much we plan something out, there's always a chance it can change.

I have to say this frustrates me to no end. I am definitely a planner, I make list, I block out/plan my day, and I absolutely love to cross things off my check list. I enjoy making schedules and planning ahead as much as possible. But I am learning quickly things rarely go as planned. Maybe I'm being prepared for when I have kids. Haha.

We moved to Texas this summer where Zach is working. I wanted to graduate this summer or last spring semester and be done with school, that was my goal! One or the other. Sadly that didn't happen. I searched for classes else where, thought about staying in Utah for the summer to finish up or taking all online classes for fall semester while I'm in Texas, but nothing panned out the way I had hoped. The classes I needed to graduated were not available during the summer or online. I worked with my school counselor to try and figure out a better outcome.

With only having one semester left to finish, I prayed for guidance on what to do. I do not want to be away from Zach for Fall semester. But we will support each other from wherever we are and make it work.

Zach has been so amazing through this whole process, and has definitely seen my tears of frustration. He definitely encourages, supports, and pushes me to finish school and graduate with my B.S. in doing what I am passionate about. I am so grateful for him, his encouragement, and understanding. I am very blessed.

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