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Two Months with Brooks

Updated: May 1

It’s time to share an update on our little guy, who is two months old! His first month felt like a blur. Zach has been so great at knowing when I need him to step in and help. He is such a great husband and father! Brooks finished a road trip from Georgia to Utah to visit family for Christmas right before he turned two months.


One of my favorite products to have on hand, while traveling and going on road trips over the holidays, were these breast pump wipes. We loved having at least two sherpa sleepers during these cold months for Brooks. We have a blue and a tan one because you always need an extra one in case there are accidents or surprises. I didn’t love using the nursing pillow the first month, but now I love it! It fits both Brooks and me perfectly. While traveling, we loved having a night light on hand, and we didn’t have to turn on our lights to see clearly. This small sound machine has been a lifesaver, especially now that he’s starting to focus more on sounds and having trouble taking naps. It really seems to help.


During Brooks’s second month, he looked more at his surroundings. He got a high-contrast book to look at during his tummy time. He’s starting to smile at us more and give more coos and sounds when we talk to him. Brooks is starting to love bathtime and stopped crying when we put him in. However, he sometimes sheds a few tears when we take him out. He’s also starting to get more stable with his head, he is getting stronger. 


This is one of the number one questions I've been asked after having a baby. Brooks is consistent with sleeping in two-hour increments. We occasionally get three or four hours at night! You need to celebrate every win you can get, right?!? I do at least two feedings during the night and feed right before bed. After his first set of shots, he slept a little longer in the first stretch. I do feel that he changes every day and week. He’s growing and changing continuously. We turn on the white noise with our Nanit during bedtime, and it's helping at night. He’s starting to get distracted, making it harder for him to settle. He sometimes wakes himself up with the noises he makes during the night. Who knew how much noise babies make while they are sleeping? 


Breastfeeding has gotten a lot easier. I don’t know if it’s because I have gotten used to it, but I'm not feeling as strapped down as I did in the first month. Brooks is easily taking a bottle, and I was able to pump enough to have a supply stocked in our freezer. I like to have Zach feed Brooks at least once a day with a bottle to make sure Zach can spend time with him. We haven’t kept a feeding schedule, but I typically try to feed him after naps or every two to three hours. I mainly look for sleeping cues and do a feeding right before bedtime no matter what. 

* * *

Just wanted to share a short and sweet update for y’all with our new little.


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