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Sunday: Conference Quotes

Every morning I try to read one conference talk a day to start my day out spiritually. I'm going to start posting every Sunday my favorite quotes from each talk that I can focus and keep in mind the following week.

Monday June 3

The Light Shineth - Marion G. Romney

  • "...everything is being weighted, one's life, one's values, one's culture, the vitality of the whole civilization to which one belongs."

This made me think of the example I set for those around whether it be family or friends. You never know who is watching you and is aware of what you're doing. Especially in the age of social media, everything is out in the open. Don't appear perfect, because no body is, however remember there is a little girl out there who could be watching you and want to be just like you when she grows up. I found that when I'm in a tough situation or doing something I don't particularly want to do, what helps me to get through it is thinking of my future children say I got through it and that means I know they can too.

Tuesday June 4

Thus Saith the Lord - Theodore M. Burton

  • "Men are trying to speak for God instead of letting God speak for himself."

  • "...what is needed most today is not the voice of man, but the voice of God."

  • " longer will we be content to be like other men and women...We realize that nothing can keep us from success when we are doing the Lord's work. We are willing to work harder, to sacrifice more, and to share our talents and blessings with others because we know who we are."

  • "Let us develop those gifts which are within us. Let us practice that kindness one for another, and let us show that love for our fellowmen which comes through wholehearted acceptance of the principles of truth."

Too often we get caught up in the ways of the world. I need to take the time out of my day to listen after I pray. Praying shouldn't just be a check mark off my list of things today. I think it's important to take that time after we pray to listen and gain guidance from our Heavenly Father.

Wednesday June 5

Laying a Foundation for the Millennium - LeGrand Richards

  • "Each one of us ought to want to build our lives and help our families to build their lives so that we can stand through the millennium"

  • "...judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works, not just their faith, not just what they say with their mouths, but by their works."

  • "The kind of foundation upon which we build our lives is just as important for our eternal happiness as is the kind of a foundation upon which they built that holy temple that it might stand through the millennium."

  • "make every day a happy day as we associate with our loved ones."

  • " success in life can compensate for failure in the home. And the nearer men and women live unto God in keeping his commandments, the greater is the love in the home and the greater appreciation of the knowledge that that love can continue throughout the eternities that are to come."

We need to build a firm foundation of who we are, what we live for, and our ambitions in life. I need to focus on not just talking, but by listening to those around me and making sure my actions continuously line up with my foundations in life.

Thursday June 6

Confession and Forsaking: Elements of Genuine Repentance - James A. Cullimore

  • "Somehow you don't realize how bad it has been until the weight begins to be lifted."

  • "...become the person you think I am and the person God knows I can become."

  • "if you have 'offended many persons openly,' your acknowledgment is to be made openly and before those whom you have offended that you might show your shame and humility and willingness to receive a merited rebuke."

Friday June 7

I Was in Prison, and Ye Came Unto Me - Victor L. Brown

  • "The solution is not found in sophisticated, high-sounding formulas but in the simple, plain truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ"

  • "Release from the prison would not begin to solve their most urgent problems; and yet, in the environment of prison, they found the release that could ultimately make them truly free men. They found their Savior, Jesus Christ, and his gospel."

  • "This freedom can only be found by accepting the divine plan and keeping the commandments of him who gave his life fore each of us that we might find eternal life, even Jesus Christ. For did he not say: 'And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free'? (John 8:32)

It's amazing how much peace the gospel can bring into one's life and how it still helps me and guides me to be a better person and continue to grow. Whenever I feel frustrated or stressed with school or life I will always pray and read the Book of Mormon for guidance, understanding, or peace.

Saturday June 8

The Things That Matter Most - A. Theodore Tuttle

  • "We Chase mechanical rabbits, too. We chase paychecks, and don't give a second look to the glint of the rising sun on a snow-topped peak. We chase our way through the appointments of a crowded desk calendar, and fail to take time to chat with the next-door neighbor or to drop in on a sick friend. We chase social pleasures on a glittering noisy treadmill and ignore the privilege of a quiet hour tilling bedtime stories to an innocent eyed child. We chase prestige and wealth, and don't recognize the real opportunities for joy that cross our paths."

  • "You'll never catch your rabbit until you learn to recognize a genuine one."

  • "Too often we are involved in the thick of thin things."

  • "We are aspiring to the honors of men, rather than seeking approval of God."

  • Have we sought 'so much' for material things while missing, even ignoring, the things of God? The beauty of nature at this or any other season goes unseen and unappreciated."

Life is too short, and I realize that I do get caught up way too often in social media, school, or even drama that doesn't even matter. This was a good reminder for me to make memories and enjoy life. The little things that irritate me or stress me out, shouldn't they aren't as important as my family or the memories I make with the ones I love. My goal this week is to only spend a max of an hour a day on my social media accounts. When I'm bored or feel like I don't have anything to do, I'll pick up a book or take a walk with my buddy-bear, Winston.

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