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Summer Workout

Hi cuties, I thought I would put together a workout regimen that I'm going to try and follow this summer! Hopefully it's killer! Let me know what y'all think down below in the comments!

My plan is to run two miles with Zach, my husband, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Hopefully I don't die on our runs in the mornings while trying to keep up with him.

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I'm going to run sprints for 15 to 30 minutes. While doing sprints I switch between 6 to 10 mph for 30 seconds then rest for 30 seconds walking on 3 mph. I find it best to always do the cardio to begin your workout and then core workouts at the end when you're the most tired.

For equipment I use a mat and dumbbells.

Monday is Back and Arms (with a 2 mile run)

Tuesday is Legs and Core with sprints for 30 minutes. Core workouts are different each time.

Wednesday is Back & Chest with 2 miles

Thursday is Legs, Arms, & Core with sprints

Friday is Back & Chest with run

Saturday is Legs & Core with sprints



Alternating Bicep Curls 4 sets of 16

Alternating Hammer Curls 4 sets of 12

Tricep dumbbell Extensions 4 sets of 12

Back & Shoulders

Dumbbell shoulder press 4 sets of 12 or Pull Ups 5 sets to max

Bent over two dumbbell row 4 sets of 12

Windmills 4 sets, 20 each side

Lateral Raises 4 sets of 15 (I usually do the fifth set at the beginning when I start)

Chest & Shoulders

Chest Press 4 sets of 12 reps

Push ups 4 sets to the max (mines 8 right now, hopefully that improves by the end of the summer)

Svend Press with a dumbbell 4 sets of 15


Deadlifts 4 sets of 12

Dumbbell Front Squat 4 sets of 12

Lunge with weights 4 sets of 20

Skater Lunge with weight 4 sets of 20

Core: Day 1

Plank 4 sets for 1 minute

V ups 4 sets of 20

Leg Lifts 4 sets of 20

Ball Crunch 4 sets of 20(in the image above)

Core: Obliques Day 2

Dumbbell side Bend 4 sets of 20 each side

Side Crunch 4 sets of 20 each side

Russian Twist with weights 4 sets of 20

Side Plank with dip 4 sets of 20 each side

Core: Strength Day 3

Sit ups 4 sets of 20

Handstand 4 sets 1 minute

Side Plank with a Twist & weight 4 sets of 20

Hollow body hold 4 sets 1 minute


If you're not tired by the end of the workout increase the time and the reps, or lower it, it is always up to you and what your body can handle.

I always do 4 sets and I change the reps according to how light or heavy the dumbbells that I have available are. For lighter weight I typically do 20-30 reps, with heavier weights 8-12 reps.

I wish y'all the best of luck! I will check back in at the end of every month to tell you my experience and how it's going. At the end of the Summer I'll upload my before and after. If you have any questions feel free to ask!



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