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Summer Sales Fun: Pool Dive

As some of you know my husband, Zach, does summer sales. This is just one of the many fun, random activities they do every year. It's such a great incentive and it's a fun activity. This is also where you see who is truly the most competitive.

First it starts with a raffle. To get your name entered you have to make the most sales in a day, make the first sale, and get over a certain number. And this goes on for two weeks. The more you accomplish the better chance you get to be in the first round of the pool dive.

This is Zach and one of his guys prepping for the pool. They went to target and got their goggles last minute. As you can see there were only a few options.:)

You start by throwing pennies into the pool, we did $10 worth of pennies for about 12 people. They started in three increments, 1st 3 started 15 seconds before, 2nd group of 3 started 10 seconds before, then 3rd group of 3 started 5 seconds, and then the rest went in. It was a mad house at certain points. It was so much fun to watch these guys in their 20s act like they were children fighting over a toy.

Zach did great he got over a $1.50, he got 2nd place and won a restaurant gift card for dinner. As you can see in the image on the right, even at their ages they can still act like sore losers. Ha! Ha!

Here's Winston congratulating his dad on the big win!

I think this would be such a fun activity to do with your kids. For example, every time they do a chore, homework, or something nice for someone else, they would enter the raffle and get a head start before their other siblings. As prizes you could do money, toys, treats,gift cards, clothes, their choice of restaurant, or even a summer vacation destination. You could do this at the end of every school year or during the summer, and make the prizes as big or as small as you want.

If any of you or anyone you know is interested or has questions about doing summer sales. Please email me at, we'd love to have you join the team next summer and would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding summer sales. It''s a great opportunity and can be a lot of fun!

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