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My Must Haves for June

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

I decided I would share my favorite products and/or items that I use all the time that are "Must Haves" for me! These are my must haves for the month of June especially for starting out the summer right! Click on any of the images or names and they will take you to where I buy them!

1.Babe Lash -- I haven't taken the leap to do eyelash extensions yet, but I do love long full lashes! I've tried a few different products to help my eyelashes grow and this is by far my FAVORITE! After a month I noticed a difference! My eyelashes are now definitely fuller and longer.

2. Tan Physics -- It's been rainy and overcast a lot lately in Philadelphia, so I have had to rely on self tanner for some color. This is my favorite self tanner! It doesn't smell funny and it doesn't turn you orange, which are always a worry when it comes to self tanning lotions. It's a great way to start the summer with at least a little tan instead looking like a snow white. It will give you a nice golden natural looking tan!

3. CandleLight ShadowSense -- This is my favorite cover up and it can even be used as a highlighter if you'd like. My aunt told me about it when she started selling lip sense. Did you know that lip sense actually has a whole makeup line? I had no idea. This is a great cover up it's easy to use and it stays on all day! *This link connects you to my aunts page to order.

4. Apple Watch -- I got an Apple Watch this past Christmas from my husband, Zach. I love it! It's great to keep you motivated to work out! It reminds me to stand up for a minute every hour, tells me how many calories I've burned, and helps me to complete my goal of working out at least a half hour every day. Plus it's a great accessory with interchangeable bands and cases to go around it.

5. Rimmel Micro Liner -- This is my all time favorite eyeliner. It doesn't smear, it can make a killer wing, and it gives the effect of the liquid liner! And the best part is that it's inexpensive and easy to use!

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