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20 Goals for 2020

20 goals I have set to help motivate me to get up and get going for the new year! I want to smile more and make changes in myself for the better! I'm going to toss out all the 'clutter' in 2020 to help me get closer to the person I want to be!

1. Read one self help book per month. I wish I followed this goal more last year. Anytime I read a book in a month it helps me feel accomplished with the way I spent my free time, instead of wasting it while watching TV. Books always help me to continue my learning. Now that school is over I want to continue to increase my knowledge and become better in my everyday life.

2. Write one blog post per week. I'm hoping since I have finished school, I can make more time to write. I want to keep my creative juices flowing-whether it's by journaling or blogging, I think writing is a great way to express yourself and what you're going through. I also love writing in my journal because I get to look back and review what I've overcome and accomplished in the past year.

3. Pay off any debt. We like following David Ramsey’s steps. We are paying off the smallest debts card first then working our way up from there. It helps us feel accomplished even though it can be a small amount, it helps us see that it’s making a difference when we see our debt going down or paid off. It’s always a good feeling to be financially free!

4. Read scriptures with your significant other. I think it’s important to read together, especially The Book of Mormon. Reading together helps you understand and learn from each other what you got out of the scripture personally.

5. Pray as a family. I love starting and ending the day with a prayer together. Praying helps me to feel connected with the Lord and with my husband. I’m hoping my husband and I can draw closer together through this and draw closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

6. One adventure per month with significant other. I’m excited to try this out this year. I think it’s a great way to stay close with one another and it switches things up from your regular date. I’m hoping to look on Pinterest for some inspiration of out of the box dates for us.

7. Eat healthier. I’m hoping to fuel my body with healthy and nutritious food. Eating healthy always helps my feel more energetic throughout the day. I think making a conscious effort in your everyday choices, whether you are at a restaurant, the movies, or away from home, it will help you achieve this goal.

8. Check in with family monthly. While living far away from family, I think it’s important to stay connected with them. Zach and I send quick texts throughout the month, but hoping to have a little more deeper conversations to make sure we are up to date in our families’ lives.

9. Wake up earlier. Now that I am done with school and don’t have cheer, I’m a little worried that I will slack off and not get up early in the morning. I always love waking up early in the morning it helps me feel productive and be ready for the day.

10. Less screen time. I waste a lot of time watching Hulu and Netflix when I’m not busy during the day. With every minute I watch TV, I have to spend that same amount of time completing my to do list for the day.

11. Workout five times per week. Whether it’s a quick five minute or an hour workout, it’s important to take even a small amount of time out of your day for you. It’s easy to skip a workout, but it’s hard to get back on track. It’s smart to stick to a schedule so you don’t slack on something that is important to you and your health.

12. Minimize and get organized. Since I am moving to Georgia in February from Texas, I’m hoping to get rid of all the clutter and extra unnecessary things we have. I love the feeling of getting rid of clutter and starting fresh and only having what you need and use. Whenever I am organized, I am more motivated to work hard and be happy everyday.

13. Surround yourself with positive people. Every self help book I’ve read talks about this. Whoever you want to be - you need to surround yourself with those types of people. They will help lift you up, motivate you, and help you to keep your goals in sight at all times.

14. Don't worry about what other people think. Do it. Social media can be an amazing think and can help so many people, but sadly it does lead people to second guess themselves. I’m hoping to do better this year, I don’t want to think twice about taking a photo and posting it, I want to just do it. You never know who you might help when people see the real you, so I’m hoping to go a little more outside of my comfort zone this year.

15. Treat yourself once a week. I love taking a breather just for me, even if it’s for just 10 minutes. It helps to reward yourself for the things you accomplish. My small ‘treats’ during the month help keep me motivated and to not get burnt out with everything I’m doing.

16. $10,000 in savings to go towards a downpayment on our future home. This is more of a personal goal for me. We’re wanting to have a house of our own, now that we are settling down in Georgia and I’m out of school and can work full time. I’m excited to have a home of my very own to decorate, organize, and to eventually grow our family.

17. Find a hobby that you and your significant other enjoy. This is going to be a trial and error period for us to find what activities we can both enjoy together, but I’m excited! I think it’s important to find activities where you can push and boost each other up while growing together at the same time.

18. Monthly Challenge. I’m going to give myself monthly challenges that our things I feel would be difficult to accomplish, but I am going to try them out monthly and see if they help or change my views on it. This month is no Dr. Pepper and luckily my husband is here to help me stay on track.

19. Do things right away. I am guilty of procrastinating. If it something you can get done within 15 minutes do it right away, don't waste time and put it on the back burner. Be intentional, get it done! This way you don’t forget about it later on and you won’t be putting it off because it’s not a high priority.

20. Travel to a place you have never been. Zach and I love to travel and see different places. It’s great to jump into another culture with their food, music and lifestyle. We haven’t decided where we will visit this year, but whether it is in the states or not, it is always fun to adventure to a new place and experience new things.

Hope you all have had a great 2019. I can’t wait to see what the roaring 20s have to offer!




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