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30 Minute Workouts to Stay in Shape this Winter

With school starting back up again, I need quick intense workouts that get my heart rate up and build lean muscle. At this stage in my life, family and school come first so I'm not able to spend a whole lot of time in the gym. Luckily I do get some cardio/conditioning at cheer practice every morning as well. However, I want to create a habit or get in a routine now of working out on my own. This way I can stay motivated to do daily workouts after I graduate to keep me in shape and stay healthy and happy.

My fitness goals that I mentioned in my 20 Goals Before 2020 are to run a half marathon, do a pull up, practice yoga once a week, and stretch daily . I base my Winter workouts off of these goals.

I plan to start my half marathon training schedule in February, however I still want to start building up my cardio. My goal is to work out six days a week.

Monday is Leg Day!

Legs are my least favorite, I always try to get them out of the way at the beginning of the week.

Deadlift 4 sets of 12

Front Squat 4 sets of 12

Lunges with weights 2 sets of 20

Lunges with kick 4 sets of 30

Calf Raises 25 each way

Tuesday Cardio!

I'll run at least two miles. Or a HIIT workout from Pinterest. With core.

One of my favorite HIIT workouts is 1min running 5-10mph and 1 min off 2.5-3.5mph


Leg raises with hip lift 4x20

plank 4x60 seconds

pike up with ball 4x20

stir the pot 4x60 seconds

Wednesday - Back workout.

Machine pull downs 4x12

Standing row 4x12

Straight arm pull down 4x12

Lateral raises 5x15

handstand taps 4x20

handstand hold 4x60 seconds

Kettle bell swing 4x20

Thursday cardio again! with core.


Windshield wipers 4x60 seconds

Side crunches 4x20 each side

Dumbbell side bend 4x20 each side

Russian twists with weight 4x20

Friday - Arms and Chest workout

Alternating bicep curl 4x16

French press 4x12

Tricep dips 4x20

Machine Flys 4x15

Push Ups on dumbbells 4xmax

Saturday Yoga deep stretch and core workout

I try to find a yoga video on youtube. I do love Bikram yoga when I am close to a studio. I love Brick Canvas at Thanksgiving Point.


Leg raises with hip lift 3x15

Jackknife 3x15

Raised leg sit up with a twist 3x20

hip lift 3x15

Raised leg sit ups 3x20

I'm hoping this regimen will help me reach my goals sooner this year. What motivates you to get up and go? What type of workouts do you do with limited time?

Here's to staying on track with our New Year resolutions! So far so good!



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