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A Red Sizzlin' Summer

I must apologize it has definitely been a minute since I've posted. I have got to start out with the story of how I got back to Utah! And it's kind of ironic because it also happened in Cabo.

In Cabo the cab we took to the airport got a flat tire about a mile away, luckily another cab stopped and saw we needed help and took us the rest of the way, so we made our flight!

Getting back to how we got back to Utah. My aunt offered to drive us, and Zach and I had two different flights. I was flying frontier and he was flying delta an hour later on Friday the 3rd. That was the plan...and we ended up getting a flat tire 15 minutes from the airport! Luckily Zach's flight got delayed, he called an Uber, and me and Winston got to spend an extra day in Georgia with my extended family and their cute dog Scout.

After all of that it's been go, go, go non stop. We unpacked into our new apartment, I went on a Leadership Retreat up in Wyoming, Zach headed back to Georgia for a couple more weeks, early morning cheer practices started, then cheer camp, and then finally school began!

I can't wait to have a set schedule every day, I feel 10x more productive during the school year than I do in the Summer!

Here are my 'Red Sizzlin' Summer' outfits that I wore in Cabo! Hope you enjoy!

This outfit from Hollister. I put the Smocked Off-The-Shoulder Crop Top with the Low-Rise Denim Short-Shorts. This outfit is perfect for a day out in the sun! And both of these items are on CLEARANCE!

I'm loving these new earrings! They are light weight and can easily be styled with any neutrals or reds to add a little more flair to any outfit you'd like! I highly recommend going out and finding a pair of your own!

I paired the Crop High-Neck Knit Tank with a denim fringe skirt. We had a busy day full of paddle boarding and tubing, which makes a side braid a quick and easy fix if you have no time before dinner!

I love pairing my 'Made by Mary' necklaces together! Especially the Poppy Choker with any other medium length disc necklace.

Braids are always a must have for me on vacay, particularly because of the humidity, it's hard to do anything! To do this you start as if you're going to do two french braids, I do the buns a little before the back crown of my head and wrap it around to pin it with a bobby pin.

Starting from the top, the Round Sunglasses are my new favorite statement piece! I get tons of compliments on them and they are only $10!!! Red was my color this trip and I was lovin' it! Here's a link to a similar romper and my tan high heeled sandals that I pair with everything!

Hope y'all had an amazing Summer! Looking forward to Fall!



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