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A Splashing Good Time

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back in the swing of things and then the minute I do I get a cold, Go figure! This summer I took a much needed girls trip to Cabo with my mom, cousin, and aunt. I'll be talking about it all this week, it was a BLAST!

We had so much fun splashing in the waves and playing in the ocean! Linked are two of my favorite swim suits that I wore in Cabo.

Firstly, we thought these floats were much larger when we bought them! We had to embrace the float as we piled two of us on each one in the BIG waves. We were quite the spectacle, you could hear a lot of laughter coming from the locals on the beach!

We even put on a little fashion show as my cousin and I paraded down to the ocean in our floaties with our moms in tow.

We wore these two suits one more day because we loved that we were matching-not planned before the trip! Our swimsuits are from TJ Maxx, sadly they are sold out, however here's some similar ones from Target & Mumu. I love all the citrus patterns available this summer, they always brighten up my day! Also fun floats like this are always a must have for the ocean or the pool. Our fabulous Flamingo and pleasing Pineapple are from Target.

This was taken while we were walking down the streets of Cabo to do a little souviner shopping and to look for Dr. Pepper since the resort only had coke products! We had to stop for a photo op and get out of the hot sun! My swim suit is from Target, here's the link for the top & bottom. I also wore this swimsuit in Cancun, I always love how it makes me look darker than I am next to the bright pink!

Check back in on Thursday to see the fun outfits we wore during our Girls Trip! I think we're going to have to make this an annual Girls Trip! Sorry Hubby! There's nothing like giggling all day and all night with no responsibilities-not a care in the world! So Relaxing!

Hope y'all are still living it up this Summer!

xo, Taya

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