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What I learned about JORD Wood Watches

After working with JORD watches for a giveaway I wanted to share about what I've learned. I picked the Cora Koa and Rose Gold watch because I liked the flirty and brighter look it gave, without being too dramatic. I chose the Koa Wood because of the dark wood against the rose gold gave it more of a contrast and a little more flavor to make it stand out. JORD watches are all about quality and craftsmanship. They didn't disappoint and I gotta tell you I love mine so far. For me it's the best kind of watch for anytime on vaycay.

Every JORD watch comes in a cedar watch box, that you can actually customize with an engraving of a logo or a handwritten note to your special someone.

This Cora watch has twenty-one jewels and is self winding (which means no batteries!). The glass that JORD uses is Sapphire, it is known for it's transparency and durability. Sapphire is actually synthetic crystal that is optically clear and colorless. It is also scratch resistant to most material on earth, so you don't have to worry about it loosing it's shine as time wears on. For those of you who have an apple watch, it is the same glass featured.

The Koa wood is native to Hawaii and is one of the most beautiful hardwoods. The watch is very smooth (absolutely no splinters) and a nice glossy finish. Koa wood is also very similar to mahogany in color.

I received the Preserve Cleaning oil with my Cora Koa and Rose Gold (it's in the back right corner of the box). The oil is made especially for these wood watches, has no artificial chemicals, it is 100% natural. They are $15 and the pen delivers four applications.

You can really style these watches in any way. Dress them up, make it more casual, the choice is yours. I really love the extra sophistication watches can bring to any outfit. Perfect for an interview, on a cruise, or a day out shopping!

I hope you all are starting your summer with a bang!



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