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ZUZU Tribe Ties

This is a new line of ties that ZUZU just launched today! And I must say they are amazing!

I picked out two ties for Zach, one lighter and one dark, so that he can wear them with a variety of dress shirts and sport coats.

The ZUZU Tribe Ties can be worn on many different occasions and they're more likely to match with us girls, since there's so many different colors woven together that gives the ties variety, and still keeps it classy!

These two were my favorite! The Irving and the Sarge! (click the name for the Link!)

As I mentioned earlier, these ties are great for any special occasion or if you'd like your special someone to dress up nice! (like for Valentines Day!!!)

To get 20% off your purchase use my code: MTAYA20

(I wish I knew about this company when we were getting married!)


M'Taya Morgan

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