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Adventures in D.C.

I have included some of my favorite moments touring around D.C.


We left Philadelphia in the afternoon to attend the last session of the day at the DC Temple. The stained glass was beautiful inside and out! I am so glad I had the opportunity to visit this temple while we lived so close!

We had Breakfast the next morning at IHOP with the TEAM! Breakfast foods are my Favorite!

These are some of my favorite photos from the museums we visited. The top left and bottom right were from a wildlife museum which was amazing! Most of the animals were placed in mid action like they were still living and breathing. It was amazing to see the detailed action of these animals-as if they were still alive! The top right is a photo of just about every girl's dream doll house! The bottom left is a Lego version of the statue of liberty. I admire their patience, I don't think I could have lasted over an hour building legos, and I'm sure it would've tipped over and I would have had to start over many many times! It was impressive!

Lincoln Memorial was amazing to see! I loved reading about history and all of the details!

The Memorials were a sight to see! I loved the reverence and respect shown in these areas.

Arlington National Cemetery was by far the most impactful thing to see. I'm sad that we only had about 10 minutes to see everything, but so grateful that we got to see the majority of it in that short amount of time. I recommend taking as much time as you can in D.C. to see all the tourist sights and museums. It was an amazing weekend, there was so much more I wish I could have seen!

These were my favorite moments in D.C. next up is Philly! Check out my blog tomorrow!



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