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My Birthday Weekend

Friday, on my birthday, I was actually finishing up a cheer camp I was helping out with. They were so sweet and had the whole camp sing happy birthday. They also gave me some yummy cup cakes!

After finishing up there, I drove up to Logan for a quick photo shoot. They spoiled us and helped celebrate there too with pizza and cupcakes! Here's some of my favorites from that shoot. Sadly, only the Amaryllis Jumper and the Suri Top are left in stock. (Click the item for the link)

Then my mom and I really celebrated my birthday Saturday and Sunday. We went and stayed the weekend in Park City. We shopped, I got a cute Coach purse, we went hiking, and we ended the weekend by lounging by the pool.

When I got back to Philadelphia...not only was it so fun to be back together with Zach, but I also found a lovely surprise from my sweet husband! I must say he has great taste and knows what I LOVE! I'm so grateful for this handsome guy--I really missed him!

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