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Puppy Love

It’s been awhile since I posted, my goal is to start writing on my blog at least once or twice a week.

We have a new addition to our family…….WE GOT A PUPPY!

For those of you that don’t know, my husband and I have been married for almost 6 months, it’s just the two of us (for now). We live in Heber in a Basement apartment. A few weeks ago my husband, Zach, bought me a puppy. He's the cutest little Maltipoo I’ve ever seen! He's close to 11 weeks old. It seemed like such a long journey finding the perfect dog that we felt would fit our lifestyle.

When we started seriously looking for a puppy, Zach longed for a French Bulldog and I preferred another alternative. Zach came across an ad for Pomskies (Pomeranian/Husky mix), the puppies were only $750, the typical price is $1000-3000, so we knew we were getting a heck of a deal or it was a scam. I emailed the owner on the website and they sent back all the information needed and how to make payments to them. Once we got further along in the process, we realized they were more interested in getting the money from us than finding the dog a good home. That's when I started feeling uneasy and that it was a scam. I asked if we could see the puppies in person, but they wouldn't allow it until I wired a down payment of $300. Long story short, it was a scam!

That was our first experience trying to adopt a puppy, and it was a real let down, probably more for me than Zach! Our second “Adopt a puppy adventure” was shortly after. We started searching for a breed that would be a little less expensive, small, and hypoallergenic because we would be living in an apartment in a few months when we left for summer sales. My first puppy, as a little girl, was a Yorkie (Roscoe) and I loved him, he was amazing! But they can be a little aggressive towards others and protective of their owner so I wanted a more friendly, easy-going, and playful dog. My parents have a Maltese (Skittles) and he is such a sweet, smart dog. Because I loved Skittles and Roscoe so much, I started leaning towards either a teacup poodle or a maltipoo. They are just so cute! A week after the first incident, I found a maltipoo ad on KSL that had just listed that same day. I emailed and texted the seller as soon as I saw it. The seller was in Bountiful so I knew it wasn’t too far. After texting her we planned to meet that Saturday, two days later. That day, I texted her to make sure we were still on and she said she had two boys left. Zach and I drove an hour and a half to meet her and I was texting her while we were driving to find out were she wanted us to meet. After waiting for about an hour, she texted and said something came up and she can't meet with us after all. I was extremely frustrated and disappointed especially since we planned our whole day around picking up a new puppy. So Zach took me to kneaders. Of course that cheered me up-I got yummy pastries!

That following Monday, Zach and I were running some errands in Orem and then I was going to meet my mom for dinner. She offered to stop at Puppy Barn in American Fork to see if they had any Maltipoos. Surprisingly, they did, Zach and I headed straight there. We were trying not to get our hopes up, after the previous experiences we had. They had three left, we chose the smallest one with the darkest coloring all over because their coloring gets lighter as they get older. We adopted him and took him home with us that night! I was so excited! His name is Winston.

Sadly, we can't have Winston where we are currently living, but my parents being the amazing people they are - were willing to keep him at their house for the time being until we leave for the summer. My family is so supportive and considerate to let my puppy, whose not potty trained, stay with them for a couple of months. I actually think they are having fun with him and hope they don’t get too attached. On the other hand, Skittles-their maltese is not going to feel bad when Winston leaves and he has his domain back to himself. My family was really smart to agree to take the puppy for a few months, they definitely get to see us more often as we are always over there playing with Winston!

Long story short, it was a long journey with ups and downs. We are so happy with the pup we adopted, he is the perfect addition to our little family!

Meet our cute boy, Winston...

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